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HP 3PAR with SCOM “Unable to connect to the remote server”

I was recently configuring the HP 3PAR monitoring for System Center Operations Manager 2012R2 for a customer.  After installing the HP SCOM Storage Monitoring Application and adding my local management server, I proceeded to add the HP 3PAR Storage System via the HP Storage Management Pack User Configuration Tool and received the error “Unable to connect to the remote server” whenever I attempted to connect.


I confirmed my username/password was correct – even setup a new account, all with the same result.  It turns out that the CIM service was not running on the 3PAR, which is a requirement for the application/management pack to function.  I connected to the storage system via SSH, typed “showcim” and confirmed that it was not functional.  Running the command “startcim” started the CIM service and after a few seconds, returned to the HP Storage System dialog and re-connect with success!



Finally, after enabling discovery in SCOM for the Management Server and waiting a couple of minutes the storage system appeared in SCOM and reported as it should.



MS Operations Management: Error 2013 Unable to register to Advisor Service

I was recently working with a customer to integrate Microsoft Operations Management Suite into their SCOM environment and noted they received the following error when connecting SCOM to MOMS:

Error 2013: Unable to register to Advisor Service.  Please contact the system administrator.


Thankfully this is a relatively simple fix.  While they had upgraded their SCOM environment to the latest patch (UR9 at the time of this post), they had not imported the updated Management Packs (C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Operations Manager\Server\Management Packs for Update Rollups) as part of the upgrade process.  These Management Packs include the update to the old Advisor Server – now known as “Operations Management Suite.”  Simply adding the new MP’s resolves the issue: