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Server 2012 – “The storage pool does not contain enough physical disks”

We had a need for an inexpensive NAS option at our office.  Thankfully we had a new HP Microserver in stock that wasn’t spoken for so I decided to set it up as a NAS using Server 2012 R2 using a couple of 4TB SATA disks and Storage Pools.  For some reason, in spite of having all the latest patches, firmware & drivers, etc. Windows File and Storage Services would only see one drive in the console.  Device Manager, disk management, etc. showed two attached disks but the Physical Disk list only showed one.
When I attempted to create a New Virtual Disk Mirror using the Wizard, I received the following error. “The storage pool does not contain enough physical disks to support the selected storage layout.  Select a different layout.”
Thankfully, using Powershell I was able to create it very easily
New-VirtualDisk -StoragePoolFriendlyName StoragePool_01 -FriendlyName Data –ResiliencySettingName Mirror -Size 2TB -ProvisioningType Fixed
(Substitute with “thin” if required)
We now see the “Data” virtual mirror disk listed in File and Storage Services, ironically even though the physical drive window to the right still only shows one physical disk.