Migrate DHCP Server in Windows Server

Quite often we will have a requirement for migrating DHCP between servers.  The process is very straightforward with 2008 & later servers.  First, install the DHCP Role onto your destination server if it’s not there already.  I find it easier to install this with PowerShell as opposed to Add Features as you don’t get all the prompts for setting scopes, etc.
From an elevated PowerShell, run Import-Module servermanager

Next, install the role: Add-Windowsfeature DHCP -IncludeAllSubFeatures
#This will include the RSAT/Management Tools as well as the DHCP Service

Next on your source server, right-click on your server and select “Backup”.  Save the backup file to a shared location.  Next select “Unauthorize” – this will allow you to authorize the migrated server.
On the new server, open DHCP, add your new server into the management view
Next, right-click on your new server and select “Restore”, select the backup file from your shared location and import.  Right-click on the new server and select “Authorize” and the server will now be ready to use.

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