Windows Deployment Services service will not start (Error 0x2740 )

Starting Windows Deployment Services on a recently assigned Distribution Point for System Center Configuration Manager, I received the following error in the Application Event log on the DP:

An error occurred while trying to create the UDP endpoint for WDSPXE provider on interface x.x.x.x:67. This can happen if the network interface was disabled or changed, or some other application is already using the port. The provider  will not be able to receive requests on this interface.

Error Information: 0x2740

This was because the DP was setup as a DHCP server and for WDS.  Unfortunately WDSUTIL /set-server /UseDHCPPorts:No did not work. The fix was to perform the following registry change:

Set the registry value to: UseDHCPPorts = 0

The service then started without any issues.

Note: Another thing to remember, is that if you are running your WDS server on your DHCP server, you will need to set the 060 option in your DHCP Server Options. From a command prompt run the following command:WDSUTIL /set-server /DHCPOption60:yes


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14 Responses to “Windows Deployment Services service will not start (Error 0x2740 )”

  1. siddartha says :

    Thanks It working for me..

  2. Peter says :

    Great!!! Thanks bro!

  3. Dinanath Aphale says :

    Thanks a lot……….. It working……….!!!

  4. Glaubert Suyan Dacio says :

    Thanks bro! Works !!!

  5. VJ says :

    It was opposite in my case but it gave me some kind of guidance. It was great to see this nice piece of KB from person next door. ( I have been working/living in Gisborne)

  6. Igor Rudneff says :

    Tnx man, you’ve saved my ass!

  7. s. Miller says :

    I get the same error and the WDS server is not a DHCP server any idea’s

  8. Kevin M Saucier says :

    I know this is old but, for the benefit of others, thanks for the pointer. My issue seemed to happen after I changed the IP address on the server’s NIC and moved DHCP to another server. I unchecked the boxes on the DHCP tab or WDS and restarted the service and it wouldn’t come back up. I restarted the server and had the same problem. Neither the command above nor the registry update worked for me so I just deleted the UseDHCPPorts entry and the service started right up. Appreciate the step in the right direction!

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